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Welcome to "yetzira"

Taijiquan and Qigong school

The school is centered in tel aviv with branches in different areas in israel.

Teachers and students of taijiquan and qigong, visiting Israel, are welcome to visit our school, practice, and exchange knowledge.

We are proud for having special workshops in our school with some great teachers, among them, Kong Mien Ho, Fong Ha, Luo De Xiu, Su Dong Chen, Jean Michel Chomet, Li Jing and Li Jun Feng.

The school Taijiquan curriculum contains

24 simplified yang style

40 traditional yang style

42 form combined style

32 sword

108 traditional yang chen fu form

Silk reeling qigong

Pushing hands - wide verity from yang and chen style

Figting applications of taijiquan

The schools Qigong curriculum contains

Sheng Zhen Gong forms:

Heaven Nature Gong

Heart Mind as One

Heart Spirit as One

Releasing the Heart

Listening to the Heart

Union of Three Hearts

Nine Turns

Sheng Zhen Healing Gong

zheng Gong (Straight path) forms:

Five sounds Qigong of the straight path school, including "Uniting heaven and man" meditation

Master medicine Buddha qigong

General Qigong

ight pieces brocade and natural standing meditation

Silk reeling Qigong and standing post meditation

Chief instructor Ohad Kedem studies from 1993 with master Kong Mien Ho from Amsterdam Holland. In 1996 he opend the school in Israel and since then also studied with grand master Feng Zhiqiang,  Fong Ha,  Sam Tam,  Su Dong Chen, Jean Michel Chomet, Li Jing and Li Jun Feng.

 A page with some application video's                           

You can contact us at contact@qigong.co.il  or telephone +972(0)98848086






Pushing hands demonstration at world taiji day
 Tel aviv 2006